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What is The Sloppy  Bhakti?

A merging point between contemporary music festivals and ancient esoteric wisdom, The Sloppy Bhakti is about finding your own form of spirituality and making your life your practice.  Our contributors share a taste for adventure, live music, festivals, kirtan, mindfulness, transformational art, nature, and the exploration of the inner and outer planes of existence.  Join us as we journey through life and uncover the divine connection and grace in everything.


Why Sloppy Bhakti?

When esteemed spiritual teacher Ram Dass was sitting in, giving some spot lectures at Chogyam Trungpa’s mainly Buddhist school, Naropa University, there was a quirky dichotomy that came to fruition. The more streamlined, hardcore Buddhists—who were more knowledge-based and focused on emptiness—jokingly ragged on Ram Dass and his satsang (group of spiritual homies) for being “ooeey, gooey hippies,” or a bunch of “Sloppy Bhatkis.” These Bhaktas were using the path of dualism to merge with the One by singing and dancing, sharing stories, laughing, crying and deeply feeling. Instead of trying to get behind their emotions, they were completely getting into them, loving them, and experiencing them as fully as they could.

Who is The Sloppy Bhakti?

Ganesh Das
Writer / Content Curator for Love Serve Remember Foundation & Be Here Now Network.
After an undeniable plethora of synchronistic and transcendent experiences on the festival scene gave him a taste that there was something out there beyond what typical Western society prescribed, Ganesh Das (then, James,) began deep inquiry into finding out exactly what the conscious experience was all about. His deep interest in ancient Eastern traditions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism further drew him to the Bhakti infused satsang of Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba.  His path recently brought him on a pilgrimage to India to visit holy sites, deepen his sadhana, and learn from contemporary spiritual teachers. Never straying far from his roots, you will see him falling into a loving flow with electronic music at transformational festivals, hiking mountains, singing kirtan, and writing; fusing his personal Western path with Eastern mysticism to truly encapsulate what it means to be a Sloppy Bhatki.


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