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Poem: Shift Your Paradigm

In a world where novelty is sovereignty,

We fight a phony war on poverty,

It's a war on the poor,

To give the fewer more,

Pyramid scheme leaving the many in a craters,

Presidential election both sides Darth Vaders,

Banning guns all over home shores,

But pimping out weapons in phony wars,

War on consciousness,

Brain shackling the populace,

It's about time we awaken,

To see we've been mistaken,

Inside this whole time,

Was this power to rhyme,

Using this kind of art,

To begin a new start,

Like flipping a chapter,

We'll take the pigs to the pasture,

People must rise,

To find what's inside,

While they ignite their atomic weapons,

And send innocents to heaven,

We will stand strong,

And sing this love song,

Piloting drones from their homes,

Far away from the real battle zone,

They hide behind desks,

And make dime bag arrests,

They finance these expensive wars,

Against drugs and on whores,

These restrictions are addictions

That trade fact for fiction,

But please feel no anger that will do them no harm,

Battle back by starting your own urban farm,

When your food is poisoned and so is your water,

What kind of future is there for your son and your daughter?

Feudalism's dead and so are the kings,

So why the hell do we put up with these things?

Spread awareness through podcasts and webpages,

Blast novelty everywhere like brilliant white mages,

Television puts us under a hypnotic spell,

Turn that shit off to realize you're well,

You don't need that shit the commercials push,

Take a hint from Moses and smoke that burning bush,

Third eye ecstasy will set your ego free,

But then who are you? Just a reflection of me,

Only through positivity can we truly create,

A paradigm shift before it’s too late

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