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The Polish Ambassador and The Diplomatic Scandal: Land of the Lush (Album Review)

A perfectly balanced tightrope walk through the brimming forest canopy, Land of the Lush is intentfully tight and driven, yet dripping with a loose playfulness that will entice and enthrall fans of varied genres. The sonic equivalent of an illuminating stroll through an electronic jungle; exploratory while still remaining distinctly and authentically "Polish Ambassador," Land of the Lush emanates a welcoming groove that invites us all inside to freely play and discover. Seeing The Polish Ambassador and The Diplomatic Scandal a few times this year, most notably their headlining set at Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival and their Halloween show in Asheville NC, I could tell there was a deep underlying chemistry to the live outfit. Not only was each member of the band seemingly having the time of their life, playing around and having fun, but they all seemed to tap into the same innate flow as the music worked through them as one organism. The auditory space that they create is something completely fresh and wholly interactive, imbibing a dramatic and palpable feedback-loop with the fans. Known for taking chances and mixing things up, The Polish Ambassador has truly outdone himself with his amazingly talented Diplomatic Scandal, with these live shows so fun and engaging that they would inevitably give birth to these seemingly enchanted studio tracks. An eclectic and mesmerizing immersion into a vibrant utopia, Land of the Lush stays true to The Polish Ambassador's deep electronic roots, while adding a live instrumental foliage of exotic flora and fauna to his ever blooming universe. The album itself is swooning, alive, highly populated, and adventurous. As it's title exemplifies, Land of the Lush feels like a quest through a thick scenic jungle to bring you right to where you are supposed to be. There is a deeply meditative element to the record, accented by a total playfulness alongside acute psychedelic undertones. Whether you are looking to hype a party or travel deep inside your own mind, this album will take you on that journey. There is a certain airy effervescence to the tracks, which each uniquely build to heart-gripping symphonic crescendos. Mindfully curated and sublimely layered, Land of the Lush is as intrinsically thoughtful as it is emotionally immersive. In an electronic world that can seem hollow and lifeless at times, hats off to this crew for joining forces and creating art that is as dynamic and enthralling as it is organic and of the spirit. Big Love, Ganesh Das

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